Autodesk Classification Manager (update Aug 2017)


Further to my post UNICLASS 2015 (A REVIEW) there has been an update to the classification manager which is mostly around updates to the excel tables. For the UK these updates where to suit the April 2017 release.

Note: For details of UK uniclass 2015 July 2017 updates refer to UNICLASS 2015 JULY 2017 UPDATE. If you are interested in updating the Classification Manager to suit the July 2017 update tables please refer to AUTODESK CLASSIFICATION MANAGER – UPDATING UNICLASS 2015.

Another thing that seems to have been included with the latest update is IFC Classification (Classification Manager Database IFC for Revit.xlsx) which doesn’t seem to have been documented anywhere?

Basically what this does it add the IFCExportAs category to the selected revit family which is great if you are not suit which one will apply to which revit category. But I would suggest you read up on IFC to make sure you are IFC exporting correctly. If you need any further advice on the please contact us as we have developed full mapping tables.